MSDO 2015
National Conference

Toronto, Ontario
10/5 — 10/7/2015

2015-10-5 18:00:00


Toronto Skyline from the lake view


In keeping with MSDO’s custom of having two consecutive conferences in Ontario, MSDO is pleased to announce that this year’s event WORKING AND LEARNING TOGETHER, will be held in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) hosted by the City of Toronto, Region of Peel and City of Brampton. This unique conference program will seize GTA opportunities and venues that MSDO has not explored before. Included in the 2015 National Conference will be a hands-on tour of the City of Toronto 311 Contact Centre, Service Brampton and a visit to the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA).

Enjoy the richness and diversity of Toronto – one of the most accessible cities in North America, with an easy-to-navigate transit system and a walkable downtown. Toronto restaurants feature international cuisine as culturally diverse as its residents. The theatre scene is the third largest in the English-speaking world, so there is always something for everyone.

Explore Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA). Discover new and exciting stories and make fascinating connections to your surrounding community. Throughout the year, PAMA offers a variety of interactive exhibitions, events, activities and programs for all ages in our beautiful historic setting.

Brampton City Hall with blooming flower in picture. Brampton is the Flower City

Brampton is the ninth-largest city in Canada with an official population nearing 600,000. It is not only a diverse and vibrant city; it is also a ‘young’ city as the median age of its population is 34 years, younger than the ten most-populated cities in Canada.

Brampton reflects the spirit of a growing cosmopolitan community that represents people from more than 209 distinct ethnic backgrounds, speaking over 89 different languages. People from around the world have come together to live, work, play and pray in Brampton, creating a vibrant multicultural tapestry that enriches life in Brampton.

With more than 8,900 acres (3,600 hectares) of parkland, 850 parks and 217 kilometers of city-owned trails and a wide range of recreational activities, Brampton residents enjoy a high quality traditional quality of life.

Downtown Brampton is the physical centre of Brampton where heritage has been skillfully blended into a modern community. From century-old homes to unique shops, fine dining and historic residential neighbourhoods, some of the City’s most important civic and cultural institutions are located here. These include City Hall, Rose Theatre, as well as the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives (PAMA) and Alderlea facilities - our venues for the MSDO learning event’s October 6th sessions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community and experiencing this unique conference program.

Gary Yorke, City of Toronto
Karla Hale, Region of Peel
Rhonda Tsingos, City of Brampton
2015 Conference Hosts

Banner, Proud to be the Host of the 2015 MSDO National Conference, City of Toronto, City of Brampton, and Region of Peel
Alderlea exterior graphic picture of historic building
Picture of Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives building


  • Monday, October 5:

    Conference Registration
    Strategic Planning Session: Achieving the MSDO Vision
    Welcome Reception (evening)
  • Tuesday, October 6 — Wednesday, October 7:

  • ICCS Course Offerings

    Thursday, October 8:
    ICCS Course CSM/B 203
    Service Improvement

    Friday, October 9:
    ICCS Course CSM/B 204
    Understanding & Enhancing Citizen Access

    For information on the ICCS Courses, click the ICCS link in the main menu.


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Municipal Service Delivery Officials Toronto: Proud Host of the 2015 National Conference Region of Peel: Proud Host of the 2015 National Conference Brampton: Proud Host of the 2015 National Conference Sales Force: Proud sponsor of the 2015 National Conference Verint: Proud sponsor of the 2015 National Conference